Contact Centers Are Complex. We Make Them Easy.

For more than 30 years, we’ve developed processes to enable deployment success, user adoption, and customer engagement. Our experience will teach you which products work best under your circumstances in your business vertical.

We provide short-term tactical solutions and couple that with a solid long-term strategic roadmap as a part of a holistic technology assessment. Our focus is on your customer interactions, customer experience, cybersecurity with an eye towards constant and never-ending improvement.

Let the experts at VesuvITas partner with your business to shorten the time to execute, lower resources investment, reduce deployment time, and in some cases can even prevent those career-ending technology purchase decisions.


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What Our Clients Say

I worked with Sebastian on our Enterprise Contact Center Migration which was transformational to the organization. He was a key resource in its implementation and overall success.

Christopher S Wilson Innovation Leader and Principal Architect

A pragmatic leader and realist who seem to grasp ideas holistically, allowing him (and for those who work under his leadership) the ability to continually delivered results, go above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support.

Joseph Blumenfeld, PMP IT Infrastructure and security Program Manager

Sebastian and Max from VesuvITas led an in-depth discovery to understand our business needs and determined any possible “land mines” so we could plan ahead. I really felt listened to. Implementation was seamless, timely and organized.

Kristen Thompson Director of Enrollment Operations Inside Sales Shorelight Education

I've talked to many people about contact center solutions, but no one with whom I've spoken knew as much about virtually all of them. Sebastian was able to explain in the most non-technical and honest way the intricacies of more than half a dozen of them and what made one better than the others in the areas I sought to know most about.

Laurie P. Cohen Investment Research Analyst D1 Capital Partners

The attentiveness and responsiveness of the VesuvITas implementation team was the major factor for our successful implementation. They were able to tailor TalkDesk exactly as we asked, as well as providing insights from their own experiences to make sure our customers and team would be completely satisfied... The feedback we are getting from our team and our residents has been amazing!

Jack S. Manager of Customer Relations Parcel Pending

I know that we forced aggressive timeline, but we are very happy that we did because these results are worth it.

Keith McCord Senior Manager of Pharmacy Experience

He (Sebastian) really took the time to learn our needs and provided us with expert, personalized consultation. We now have a working team structure and our agents know what is expected of them with quality goals and metrics.

Lisa Hoffert Contact Center Manager

Sebastian is a valued member of the team and is helping us in a big way! We all have different skills. Yours for me are about teaching me what I need to know without making me feel less than, showing enthusiasm and passion about what’s important, which I happen to agree with and being one of the smartest guys I’ve worked with in a while.

Gail Shelley SVP Customer Care

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