How Five9 is Innovating with Google Cloud to help with COVID-19

Helping your customers during this time of disruption presents many challenges as well as opportunitiesWhether your organization has been severely or mildly impacted by the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, you have likely found that it is more important than ever to keep your customers updated on changes to your business as your organization works to adapt to the new environment in which we are all now living.  

Five9 has been listening to our customers and their need to maintain business continuity and flexibility. We have found a way to rapidly respond to this COVID-19 situation by partnering with Google Cloud to create a quick and adaptable solution to alleviate some of the problems facing businesses today.

Two of the top problems facing our customers and their businesses are:

1. The need to handle the potential high volumes of calls related to how their business is reacting to and providing service today in midst of COVID-19.

2. The need for a seamless way to bring agents into the conversation when customers require personal attention, service, or problem solving. 

To solve these problemsFive9 and Google Cloud teams have partnered to deliver a program that enables you to deploy simple, easily configurable intelligent virtual voice agent that can understand common COVID-19 questions and provide answers specific to your business operations. Some of these common questions include topics like “is your business open during the shutdown,” “what products or services have you cancelled in response to Covid-19″ and so forth. The responses to these types of questions can be easily configured using the Five9 IVR module and Dialogflow. Not only that, the responses can be easily updated as needed, based on the quickly evolving COVID situation. 

The combination of Five9 and Google Cloud can help reduce the long call wait times for the customers by providing quick responses to commonly asked questions while at the same time providing customer with the option to speak to a LIVE agent if needed.  Five9 is championing this unique end-to-end virtual voice experience along with industry leaders like Google Cloud, who have class-leading solutions for conversational AI, which includes Google Dialogflow

How does it work?

For Five9 customers, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will work with you to configure your environment along with our partners at Google Cloud using Contact Center AIAll we would need is a list of commonly asked questions and their responses specific to your business and our combined engineering teams will configure the Five9 IVR and the virtual voice agent. This solution is built on Google Cloud Platform and it can easily scale as needed to handle growing or shrinking call volumes. Additionally, Five9 and Google Cloud are offering this solution for free for 90 days to deal with COVID-19

We are excited to be a part of this solution to help businesses and we believe that businesses that take advantage of this will be more resilient in the months to come, able to communicate to their customers effectively, and at scale as conditions continue to evolve.