New Clients

6 Reasons To Start A Conversation With VesuvITas…

  • In a 2019 study from Celonis, 45% of executives said they don’t know where to start when developing their digital transformation strategy and 41% believe their transformation has been a waste of time.
  • 82% admitted they don’t look at their internal processes to establish priorities before starting a transformation initiative
  • 62% have set KPIs for their transformation initiative without understanding what is going wrong in their business first.
  • 91% of consumers suggest that omnichannel experiences are either important or critical, with 29% suggesting that companies should be where I want, when I want, ready to share and communicate how I expect according to CMO.
  • According to PWC, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.
  • According to Walker, by the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.  (Wait, we are already in 2020 now!  Now would be a great time to contact us!)

Why Become A Client Of VesuvITas? Thought You’d Never Ask! 

VesuvITas is an independent, vendor neutral contact center and customer experience consulting leader with a passion for creating solutions for complex business problems. We can help with your contact center and customer experience journey starting from analysis all the way through to implementation considering improvements for people, processes, and technology.

Please Walk With Us Through A Typical Engagement:

VesuvITas can perform the analysis of your current platform and all the correlated technology stack that interacts with your contact center and customer experience technologies.  We then provide detailed reports as to where your gaps are, deliver suggestions for your optimal future state based on best practices and proven technologies for your business vertical.  We then offer guidance through the vendor selection process and suggest technologies customers will be looking for in the next few years (which may or may not be trending yet) so you can plan for it in your current project.  Once the vendor is selected, we will help you implement the solution and be there with you during launch.  After the successful launch, we will stay engaged to help you improve the systems and processes to achieve an optimized Customer Experience.

Today it is becoming increasingly complex to differentiate between the competing technology solution providers and integration partners, but we can help to make it all very simple.  At VesuvITas we listen, lead, & design optimized customer experiences.