Observe.AI, a leader in Contact Center AI, transforms customer experiences and improves agent performance by helping top brands analyze 100% of calls and streamline quality assurance workflows. With Observe.AI, businesses transcribe every call with high accuracy and coach agents while gaining full visibility into their customer service operations. Observe.AI brings the power of agent assistance, automatic speech recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to modern contact centers and their frontline teams.

With Observe.AI Contact Center teams evaluate and coach across 5X more calls and drive measurable behavior change in areas like CSAT (up 5%), demonstration of empathy (up 37%) and adoption of mandatory compliance dialogues (up 15%).

Observe.AI helps Quality Assurance teams work much more efficiently even when remote by allowing access to call transcripts, audio players, and evaluation forms in one place. Supervisors and trainers get performance and CX insights to provide data-driven, targeted coaching to agents. Observe.AI leads the industry in most accurate transcription for Contact Centers (86% speech-to-text accuracy) and provides ai-driven insights on sentiment, emotion, intent, silence, and more to improve the Customer Experience.

Results you can see (in just 30 days) include:

  • 100% quality and compliance tracking (up from 1-2%)
  • Quality check a 30 minute call in just a few minutes
  • Provide agents with 5X more feedback per month & reduce onboarding time by 20%
  • 5% lift in CSAT scores and improvements in supervisor escalations, negative Sentiment and Dead Air
  • 37% lift in empathy CSAT

Go live in weeks, not months

  • Go live in just 3-4 weeks so you can focus on the human side of your business — coaching remote agents and improving the Customer Experience.
  • Do it all with a team dedicated to your success at no added costs, including an Onboarding Manager, Customer Success team, and technical engineers. Observe.AI makes it easy for you to get started and keeps you up-to-speed on the best practices used by top Contact Centers to develop their remote teams.