Announcing VesuvITas Verified:
A Show Dedicated to Emerging CX Technologies

About the VesuvITas Verified Video Series:

At VesuvITas we are driven by a passion for learning and never-ending improvement. Our hope with VesuvITas Verified is to take you on a learning journey to better understand the core technologies in and around the contact center.

During this journey we will explore a broad range of topics related to cloud-based Contact Centers (CCaaS) and Customer Experience (CX) as well as the technologies that directly impact them. We will go deep on subjects like the underlying technology stack, network, edge routing, security, mobility, and the CX ecosystems that deliver an optimized customer experience when properly orchestrated. 

We will interview senior executives, founders, thought leaders, analysts, and technologists to better equip you and me to get ahead of industry trends, our customer’s shifting channels of choice, security, and even demographics. We will also take a deeper look at particular business verticals to understand how the unique application of technology is improving the CX of that industry.

During our quest to gain a deeper understanding of how and when to leverage these CX technologies you will learn how to improve customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, as well as persona identification and treatment. Our interviews will go deep into the specifics of Conversational AI, Chatbots, Automation, Machine learning, Omnichannel, Multimodal, SD-WAN, DaaS, Information & Cyber Security, Workforce Engagement Management, Analytics, Sentiment, Business Intelligence, and many other business critical technologies.

When all is said and done, you will walk away with helpful hints, tips, and strategies to implement into your contact center to improve overall performance, reduce costs, and deploy technologies correctly. You will also benefit by learning from the painful lessons learned by others the hard way and how to avoid selecting the wrong technologies and other pitfalls as they relate to your own contact center.

These interviews are conversational in style and allow us to learn more about the technologists and what drives them. We will ask these industry leaders not just about their personal journeys and background, but to look into the future and give us some predictions on where they see the technology going, and how we can all benefit.

VesuvITas Verified is truly a labor of love, and I hope you will appreciate the content as much as we have enjoyed preparing for this launch.


Sebastian Anthony Corriere KMP, NPS
Chief Contact Center & CX Strategist

PS: If you would like additional information after learning about a new technology featured on VesuvITas Verified, please add your contact information on to the landing pages provided after each interview so we can put you in contact with the correct resource.

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About the Host

Sebastian Anthony Corriere KMP, NPS

Sebastian Anthony Corriere KMP, NPS

Sebastian is a contact center and customer experience industry veteran with 32 years of experience. He’s a certified Kanban Management Professional and has a Net Promoter Master Score Certification.

Certified in numerous Unified Communications and Contact Center technologies, Sebastian has completed thousands of Contact Center and CX projects for global enterprises. He serves as an expert witness in high profile Contact Center operations, technology patent infringement, dialer, security, and TCPA related legal cases both domestically and internationally.

Sebastian is passionate about helping companies transition from on premise Contact Centers to cloud based CCaaS solutions, and strategically orchestrates CX ecosystems that deliver improved business outcomes. Because of his extensive experience, he is highly sought after for complex consulting engagements, public speaking, and investment capital firms for his industry analysis and insights.