Playbook for Delivering an
Exceptional Customer Experience

2020 will be remembered for two things above all others: the global pandemic and Vonage releasing our ninth and tenth Global  Customer Engagement Reports in the same year.

OK, maybe our reports aren’t as well known, but the data we collected should be on the radar of any contact center or CX leader looking for an edge in the high-stakes arena of customer service. 

We surveyed 5,000 consumers around the world about their communication preferences in January 2020 and again in August.

The first survey gave us valuable insights into how fragmented the global consumer communication landscape was even before COVID-19. The second showed how much the pandemic had reshaped consumer behaviors and preferences. Video exploded. Voice calls dipped. SMS gave way to social messaging apps. Email held steady.

Is your contact center ready to serve the customers whose communications preferences have changed so dramatically? It better be. If you have a 2021 goal to improve Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction score, average handle time, or first call resolution, or if true customer experience management is a priority for your contact center, then this report is for you.

On your mark, get set…

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