Speech Analytics

Speech analytics is in the forefront of their corporate drive to generate intelligence obtained from Big Data that is actionable in real life as input to making decisions. Speech analytics provides the capacity to produce meaningful voice information and interaction tendencies to assist businesses improve services, reduce costs, and increase earnings in their contact centers and across their business.

Initially called audio-mining, where audio files have been converted into text to allow searches of particular phrases or words, speech analytics today entails comprehensive searches based on phonetics together with the capacity to detect specific emotions expressed onto a telephone call in addition to telephony trends, including hold times, quiet spots, or representatives speaking over a caller. With innovative technologies such as real-time language analytics, psychological analytics and AI, contact centers can provide better customer experiences.

Recent research suggests that address analytics in call centers pays for itself in anywhere from 3 months to less than 1 year. So it is not surprising that companies are quickly and enthusiastically embracing speech analytics. In reality, the marketplace has increased from a mere 24 clients in 2003 to over 3.5 million in 2015–approximately 20 percent of companies that have contact centers. And adoption is growing as technology improves, with as much as 36 percent of companies which don’t utilize language analytics stating that they intend to execute it in the not too distant future.

Text Analytics

Analytics is now becoming more widely utilized, and is particularly beneficial in keeping clients who call contact centers happy, according to a report by Ernst and Young. Text analytics is presently being utilized to evaluate consumer surveys, emails, tweets and transcripts. Considering text analytics can help decrease customer attrition and improve targeting of clients to help your bottom line. Through call center analytics, businesses can identify the customers most willing to make purchases.

Desktop Analytics

Desktop process analytics works together with current customer service programs and monitors worker activities to offer guidance for completing jobs correctly. They also track how workers use and interact with their tools. As consumer interactions expand into omni-channel communications such as email, chat, video and social networking, communications analytics and recordings have to follow. Specifically, desktop analytics in contact centers are crucial for quality control, compliance with government regulations, and overall efficacy. Video recordings supply a 360-degree perspective of customer service. Synchronous replay of recorded calls in conjunction with video recorded actions helps pinpoint procedural bottlenecks, strengthens or rejects manager evaluations, and empowers an omni-channel strategy to guarantee satisfied clients.  Additionally, complex desktop analytics solution supplies online tracking in near real time to rapidly contact dissatisfied customers before they cancel.

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