Teaming/Sales Partner Support

Why Partner With VesuvITas?
VesuvITas is unique within our industry in that we work alongside other sales and consulting firms to help their clients with complex contact center and customer experience consulting needs.  We delight our clients by providing professional services overlays and deep technical capabilities to resolve complex technology strategy decisions for our customer’s customer.  Some ways we deliver success to our consulting firms and sales teaming partners: 

  • Request for Proposal – RFP writing and management 
  • Return on Investment – ROI calculations for purchase authorization 
  • Business Case writing and purchase justification 
  • Speaking Engagements for Educational and Promotional events requiring SMEs 
  • 3-day onsite/remote Contact Center technology stack evaluation and analysis report delivery including SWOT 
  • Contact Center Benchmarking 
  • Customer Experience Benchmarking 
  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping 
  • Industry expert Subject Matter Experts, Project Managers, Business Analysts 
  • Implementation Management 
  • Contact Center as a Service Certified Implementations 
  • On-Premise to Cloud Migration Strategies 
  • Work from Home transition solutions with Remote Performance Management 

How To Partner With VesuvITas?
If you become partner with VesuvITas, your clients will benefit from a company specializing in unparalleled customer satisfaction and dedication to long-term client relationships.  In many cases, we can also share revenues from professional services engagements with you, our client.  We make it very easy to assist you with our simple 3step plan: 

  1. Fill out the form on this page to register with us. 
  2. Determine with VesuvITas by discussing the optics of how you prefer us to team with your client. 
  3. Complete the subsequent teaming paperwork and we can start assisting you right away!

Who Can Partner With VesuvITas?
This program is available to anyone that has an existing customer or an opportunity for consulting regarding contact center needs including selection, implementation, operations improvements, and more.  Get in touch today and we will jump right in to identify the ideal contact center options for your customer.  We provide a business-wide portfolio of solutions with the very best service providers in the business.  Our vendors are selected because of their leadership within their various categories. This lucrative partnership will continue to keep your company and your customer’s company steps ahead of their competition.  Reach out to us today to inquire about how we can help!

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