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Contact Center Expert Witness Services

VesuvITas’ own Sebastian Anthony Corriere is a 30-year veteran of contact centers and brings his career knowledge, experience, expertise, and public speaking skills to bear with every expert witness engagement.  In patent infringement cases, he lends his expert opinions on patent infringement and validity.  In liability cases, he evaluates the contact center roles, responsibilities, processes, and technology for their contact center and associated contact center technology stack.  Findings may be delivered in expert reports, rebuttal reports, depositions, and sworn testimony.  There are many factors that combine to make Sebastian an ideal choice as a contact center expert witness.

Experience & Expertise

First and foremost, Sebastian has successfully completed work as an expert witness.  A recent high-profile TCPA-related international patent infringement case between two leading global contact center companies recently concluded in the favor of our client.  Sebastian is deeply experienced within contact center operations having risen through the ranks within the contact center world from agent at the tender age of 14 all the way to the top directing operations and managing capacity planning and outsourcing for a BPO by the time he was 24 years old.  After 10 years deep within contact center operations, Sebastian spent the next 20 years configuring, supporting, integrating, and designing complex contact center architectures and eventually providing consulting services for global retailers, BPOs, health services, financial services, energy, and other industries. Sebastian brings to bear a very rare blend of critical operations experience combined with a deep technical knowledge.  Today, Sebastian is a certified Kanban Management Professional which is an agile business management and project management methodology.  He is an active member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Public Speaking, Communication, Writing, and Understanding

Sebastian is an industry leader, contributing analyst, expert, innovator, and dynamic speaker.  He is invited to participate in contact center webinars, requested for speaking engagements, and regularly delivers presentations for podcasts, boardrooms, and conference centers nationwide.  A former voice-over talent for phone-systems, radio, and commercials; Sebastian has an engaging delivery style about him.  This dramatic experience is rooted in his background as a dramatist, vocalist, and musician.

A wise man once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  Sebastian is often credited with taking very complex concepts and breaking them down into very simple terms.  This is incredibly valuable when delivering explanations of complex topics including technology patents.  Sebastian is an avid blogger and regularly writes responses and whitepapers.  His highly technical business writing acumen stems from a combination of his 30 years of business experience and his education at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business.

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Sebastian Anthony Corriere KMP, NPS
Chief Contact Center & CX Strategist