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What Makes Us Different... What Makes Our Process Different

VesuvITas is an independent and vendor neutral contact center and customer experience consulting leader with a passion for delivering continuous improvement of customer interactions.  VesuvITas has deep experience in leading successful contact center projects across various industries including utilities, financial institutions, education, health, retail, energy, non-profit, logistics, municipal and others.

We carefully listen to the concerns of your organization and understand that each customer interaction is valuable to corporate revenues.  We provide thought leadership around best practices to lead you through business improvements.  Realizing a Return on Experience (ROX) for our clients is critical.  We provide short-term tactical as well as long-term strategic guidance as part of a comprehensive plan.  Working side-by-side with our clients, we analyze the technology, people and processes that affect their contact center.  Together we design a solution to optimize customer experiences and achieve desired business outcomes.

We Listen...

Our goal is to facilitate an environment where stakeholders are comfortable discussing issues and concerns while feeling equally comfortable to ask questions.  Because we understand that no two businesses are the same even within the same industry, it is our priority to listen to each client to discover their unique business needs.  Our practice is to conduct on-site discovery meetings (preferred although discovery can be done remotely) with the project stakeholders to understand the current state of the business, the challenges to overcome, and the stakeholder goals in order to facilitate the desired business outcomes.

We Lead...

VesuvITas also leads the client towards the desired business outcomes by offering a solutions strategy based on our clients’ needs and goals.  We can work through the business requirements alongside our clients to evaluate all the options available to them in the market today.  Our desire is to lead you into receiving a greater understanding of the contact center technologies available along with contact center best practices.  VesuvITas thoughtfully gives guidance with relevant examples and industry expertise, but also being intentional to acknowledge the unique challenges that each client encounters.  Our various types of analysis deliverables including gaps, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, benchmarking, and best practices analyses deliver invaluable thought leadership while positioning you for customer experience success.

We Design...

VesuvITas will advise through the design process while gently providing the data to make the client’s decisions become explicitly clear.  We will guide towards the best people, process, and technology solutions and provide recommendations based on our knowledge of the clients overall corporate vision and culture, understanding of their business goals, and technology products available in the market today.  We then help to design the interworking of the technologies based on looking at the entire technology stack that touches your contact center.  This includes considering your CRMs, telecommunications infrastructure, cybersecurity, information security, desktop applications, virtual environments, omnichannel engagement, business unified communications, meetings and collaboration tools, learning management systems, customer experience journey mapping and much more.

We Lead...

Customer Experience is as a customer’s perception of the experience they have had with your company or brand.  We strongly believe that the contact center is a major part of your customer’s experience but can not truly be optimized in a silo of it’s own as it requires feedback loops from other areas.  Contact Center benchmarking, customer satisfaction and other Key Performance Indicators, and Customer Experience journey mapping are critical in delivering feedback for constant improvement and long-term optimization.  By analyzing the customers interactions, for example, we can find ways to engineer better dialogue with your customers to “deliver bad news in a diplomatic way” so as to reduce the amount of Customer Effort and improve your Customer Effort Score.

True success stems from considering all the customer touch points from product design and marketing all the way through to avoidable customer churn.  The customer’s life-cycle insights will drive continuous improvement in your contact center’s service delivery.

When you consider that Forrester research has observed that 63% of customers will leave a company after just one poor experience, and almost two-thirds will no longer wait more than 2 minutes for assistance you can start to understand why VesuvITas is committed to managing the perception of your customers throughout the optimization of your customer’s experiences.  We achieve success by considering the people, processes and technology solutions for your unique business needs and improving these through our intentional feedback look mechanisms.  This is just a few of the reason’s why at VesuvITas…

We Listen, Lead & Design Optimized Customer Experiences
Sebastian Anthony Corriere KMP, NPS
Chief Contact Center & CX Strategist