Network and Connectivity

Some of Our Areas of Expertise

At VesuvITas, we provide consulting services on everything from complex architectures, contact center design, work force engagement management tools, IVR and speech recognition,  optimizing chats, surveys, digital transformation, customer experience journeys and more, all incorporating compliance and best practices.

SD WAN Solution Design and Deployment

It seems like everyone is talking about SD WAN.  In fact, 1/5 of all businesses are looking to SD WAN to improve their network quality.  To see why it’s such a hot topic, let’s talk about how networks connect businesses around the world.  A network is like a highway that keeps a company’s offices connected.  Cars on the highway are the data packets transferred back and forth between the different branches.  The most common technique for network connectivity is called NPLS, which redirects the traffic to the office it needs to go to using one type of internet connection.   Manually adding, switching or merging lanes to increase the flow of traffic is costly and time consuming.  To see how SD WAN solves the congestion problems, check out our video.

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