During these challenging times when companies are having difficulty earning revenues and laying off employees, allow VesuvITas to assist your business in reducing operational costs. By leveraging lower-cost quality solutions, your businesses can retain your valuable employees. If your business could benefit from the expertise of VesuvITas, please register here for a free technology solutions assessment.

TEM: Telecom Expense Management helps reduce telecom costs and can be done by bringing in experts to help your business turn down services not in use, negotiate new contracts, adjust existing plans, with sometimes little disruption.

Mobility: Mobile/Cellular services can be put in place that keep employees from going beyond authorized data limits.  Also, there are services that can migrate you to the correct carrier or to the right plans based on employee usage actively during any given month. Very good savings can be seen here.

Network:  Replacing slower and expensive MPLS networks with broadband/Fiber + SD-WAN.

Global Network:  Redesign company’s digital edge using the Cloud App Fabric (removing dedicated point to points).

Wireless Network: Replace metered services with plans designed for high throughput (300 GB).

Monitoring: Replace SolarWinds licenses – with free and low-cost replacements that work excellent when circuits are purchased through us.

Voice/SIP: If you’re not ready to leave your PBX, shop your Voice (SIP trunks are much less expensive now than just a few years ago).

Mid-Term Renewal: Offer to commit/re-commit to a longer term in exchange for TODAY’s rates (mid-term renewal)

Managed Services: A lot of times companies have your own people and a lot of times they are the first expense to go.  Companies can save money by having managed services around everything from helpdesk to security to network to WAN.

Maintenance Agreements: Every 1 to 3 years they have to be renewed and can be a very significant cost. We have vendors for third party maintenance contracts for the physical infrastructure that could make a significant reduction in costs.  Think about Cisco SmartNet or any hardware support contracts.

Inspections: Climbing up towers for inspections? Replace the human with an arial drone survey.

Executive Assistant: Outsource the answering of your phone to Ruby (no salary, benefits, 24/7).

Measurements: Employ IoT to measure ANYTHING (refrigerator temperatures, medical device inventory, etc.)